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    Intel PETS

    The Intel Platform Enablement Test Suite is designed to facilitate the compliance and feature testing of platforms implementing Intel AMT and Intel Platform Enablement (Intel PETS).

    The Intel Platform Enablement Test Suite is a one-stop GUI application for the comprehensive automated testing of Intel ME and Intel TXE firmware. The Intel Platform Enablement Test Suite automates a large number of the tests in the Compliancy Guide for an Intel AMT platform, significantly reducing testing time. The Intel Platform Enablement Test Suite can be used by OEMs, ODMs, and Intel testing teams.

    The Intel Platform Enablement Test Suite is run on a testing computer that has access, via the LAN (or WLAN), to an Intel AMT system under test (SUT), including its file system. The Intel Platform Enablement Test Suite executes tests on the SUT and
    displays the test results, clearly indicating the tests that succeeded and those that failed.

    Intel SBA
    Intel® Small Business Advantage (Intel® SBA) is a new computing platform, consi sting of hardware, software, and firmware, for small businesses without a managed network. Intel® SBA also includes six applications to help manage security and productivity issues.

    Intel® Small Business Advantage (Intel® SBA) features six applications to address security and productivity issues.

    1. Data Backup and Restore: Provides reliable after-hours backup of critical data using the local maintenance timer to power on the computer. Data can be backed up to a designated location.

    2. PC Health Center: Can schedule and do PC maintenance tasks after hours, without interrupting employee work time. Tasks such as updating the operating system, deleting temporary internet files, and running disk defragmentation can be done at night.

    3. Software Monitor: Helps keep critical security software running by monitoring it at the hardware level and alerting the business if     there has been an attack.

    4. USB Blocker: Let’s businesses control access to their infrastructure, preventing unauthorized USB d evices or file imports or exports on company computers.

    5. Energy Saver: With Energy Saver, businesses can save energy by scheduling PCs to power-down at the end of the day and turn on before the work day begins – ready for employees as they arrive in the morning.

    6. Wireless Display: With Wireless Display, users can connect easily to a wireless display, improving in-office collaboration bywirelessly sending a video to a central shared screen.


    Intel SCS