• School.Net.


    School.Net is an all-purpose educational management software system for schools, colleges, cultural organizations and learning centers. It is designed to manage all your educational needs; from complicated administration essentialities, student matriculation and scholastic ratings, to resource and staff management.

    School.Net provides a Web Based easy-to-use platform for all purpose scheduling, preparing notarized documents and certifications, record keeping, attendance registration, accounting, performance analysis and much, much, much more.

    School.Net includes Student Information System (SIS), Instructional Management System (IMS), School Management System (SMS), Content Management System (CMS), Learning Management System (LMS), Parental and Community Management System, Online Assessment, Tutoring, and Professional e-Learning Portal. Whether one runs one school, network of schools, or a Ministry of Education managing the entire school system in the whole country, School.Net is the right choice with proven scalability and standard oriented portal solution.