• WhereRU.



    Locate Anyone-Anytime

    How many times have you called a friend or a spouse just to know where they are!

    WhereRU eliminates the need for the call. WhereRU (Weinak in Arabic), is a mobile application that allows the user to define white listed numbers to notify and interact with them.

    WhereRU comes with two main functionalities:

    Geo Location: When a white listed number sends a WhereR request, the application at the recipient’s mobile first verifies that the requester‘s number is among the white listed numbers, if so, then the applications sends the GPS location of the recipient, which will be displayed on a Map (such as Google Maps) of the requester‘s Mobile.

    WhereRU™ For GSM Operators
    No Need for expensive Cell ID infrastructure. WhereRU opens new market segment with better customer retention.

    WhereRU™ For Parents
    Parents can easily know the location of their kids when needed.

    WhereRU™ for Friends
    Friends knowing the location of each other, keeps them closer and makes room for more surprises.

    WhereRU™ for Businesses
    Enables companies to track their sales team and vehicles.

    WhereRU™ for Everyone
    Everyone can benefit from WhereRU, tourists, Business owners, parents, and all.