• Mobile Billing.

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    With only a hand held device and a mobile printer powered by Jaffa.net mobile billing solution, a utility company employee for example can read meters, calculate bills, navigate billing routes, print bills, collect bills balance and payments, and print receipts in one visit.Mobile Billing is a mobile application that targets companies or institutes in which a part of their work includes reading meters located at the customer’s end (e.g. water meters, electricity meters, gas meters). It is a unique application that makes your mobile equivalent to a billing machine.

    Mobile Billing manages the billing cycle: importing subscribers and meters’ data including previous readings, balance, address, route information, billing tariffs, and staff. Moreover, Mobile Billing captures the meter’s image and its GPS location which in terms enhances the credibility and accuracy of the billing system and improves customers’ satisfaction.

    In addition to the mobile application, we provide a web portal, from which the organization can manage and process the readings, double check the correctness, print bills, export the data to an Excel file, and get the system’s rich reports.If your organization has a billing system, we can integrate Mobile Billing with your existing billing and invoicing system as well as your financial system.
    Mobile Billing comes from Jaffa.Net, has an extensive knowledge and experience of 14 years in this domain, being a telecommunication service provider ourselves, we put all of our billing experience into Mobile Billing.