• E-Exam.


    Whether you are a school, college, university, training organization, NGO, statistical organization, or a company and you want to evaluate and/or get feedback or opinion from students, employees, people, or customers, E-Exam is the right solution for you. One organization is using E-exam for interviewing new candidates and another using it to evaluate employees.

    With E-Exam teachers (exam admin) can easily author an exam with any type of questions: true or false, multiple choice, and written (essay) questions. Students on the other hand can know their grades and results (except the essay questions) immediately after the exam.

    1. Full integration with grade sheets;
    2. Manage exams calendar;
    3. Students can open exam ONLY at the specified time slot;
    4. Exam ends equally to all students at the same time;
    5. Full reporting and statistics;
    6. Fully integrated with School.Net portal;
    7. Fully secure;
    8. A Building block for e-learning solutions.