• Courts.Net.



    Whether you’re a Conciliation court, first instance court, a court of appeal, a supreme court of justice, a cessation court, or Shar’yyeh court, or you’re working on commercial, civil, or criminal case; you will find that Courts.Net can help you automate and run your court better. It provides a complete judicial management information system that includes:
    Case management
    Case archiving
    Case and court calendar management
    Notification management
    Hearing Management and Archiving (text and audio)
    Request Management
    Rich and Dynamic reporting
    Full access control management
    Lawyers management
    Decision support System
    Courts.Net comes with the following integrated modules:

    Conciliation Court (Civil and Criminal) Management;
    Fist Instance Court (Civil and Criminal) Management;
    Court of Appeal (Civil and Criminal) management;
    Supreme Court (Civil and Criminal) Management;
    Attorney General Management;
    Public Prosecutor Management;
    Notary Public Management;
    Judgment Enforcement Management; and
    Case Flow Management.
    Courts.Net is used in all automated Palestinian courts (24 courts) and The Palace of Justice (old and new) in Jordan which automates more than 85% of Jordan cases.