• Payment & e-Commerce Solution.


    Payment & e-Commerce Solution

    Jaffa.Net is the first and the only company that provides e-commerce solutions to local and regional markets. Jaffa.Net e-commerce and security solutions include VPN solutions, firewalls, and secure Internet applications.

    Jaffa.Net also provides a full range of e-commerce solutions and software based on world leader’s e-commerce product lines.

    The Internet is a focal point at Jaffa.Net where all its software packages are Web enabled and Internet ready. In addition, Jaffa.Net has contributed to the Internet technology its famous and unique Internet Time (i-time) invention. And Jaffa.Net is the home of weino.com, a multi-lingual business oriented portal.

    At Jaffa.Net, the Internet is not only a tested and a source of information, but also it is a community where we belong.