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With our ERP Solution, powered by Odoo, we can automate your organization one department at a time.  Financial Management | CRM | Point-of-Sale (POS) | HR | e-Commerce | Manufacturing | Social Media Marketing and many more. 

     Join more than 7 million people world wide using the same ERP.

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Mobile Apps

Development & Solutions

We provide​ native (iOS, and Android) and cross platform mobile development services with extensive UI/UX experience and state-of-the-art mobile app optimization.  Let's Mobile your Operations like what we did with our MobilePay, Ministry of Labor Mobile, Rafiq CarPool, Wathefati, Karaz Matching, FinIDVerifyIDHalal Phone,  and many more!

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Software  Development Outsourcing

With more than 15 years of experience, we served many world class international companies (such as one of the largest CPU and chipset manufacturer in the world) in USA, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Jordan , and many more.  We provided software Development in .Net, Java, Node.JS, and Mobile in addition to quality assurance and testing automation.

Blockchain and Crypto Solutions

We developed several crypto/blockchain applications such as VeriCert (for Universities and Land Registration), iLoya  (a dynamic NFT and Lightning Network loyalty Solution), MobilePay (mobile wallet and solution) to name a few.  

Let's Web3 your business through  blockchain , Non-Fungible Token (  NFT  ), and  Tokenization .  Ask our patented experts how to help you with blockchain and crypto technology and solutions to empower you and to be Web3 ready.  Embrace the future today!