The Power of Crypto Education

"Beyond Crypto Winter: The Role of Crypto Education Towards A Successful Future"

Dr. Yahya Al-Salqan

Here is the summery of the article:

"Will the crypto network, crypto applications, cryptocurrencies, and Web3 at large dominate the Internet and the world economy in the near future? Will the decentralized Internet be the new wave of technological evolution? Wouldn't be nice to be your own bank, your own social media network, and manage your own token or NFT for your intellectual property!? I bet it is. I argue that the future of the decentralized internet (vis-a-vis centralized) is characterized by converting the Internet towards an open platform dominated by open software. Therefore, understanding the underpinning technologies, and authoring or using Internet software to become autonomous in a decentralized world is crucial and required skills to navigate a successful future. Are we ready? To be prepared for the future comes with inheriting responsibility and indeed needs a lot of education. That's what I will be discussing in this article. Will highlight the main related attributes of centralized and decentralized Internet so as to lay the foundations to become autonomous then shed the light on the role education can play for a safe landing into the future."

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